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Reading Opens the World

The American Federation of Teachers recently launched a multiyear literacy campaign called “Reading Opens the World,” designed to support students, educators and families and foster an ongoing love of reading—because reading is foundational to everything we do. Every educator would tell you that first we need to help our students learn to read, and then they can read to learn. So now more than ever, after two years of disruption as the result of COVID-19, harnessing the love of reading is key to helping our students and families recover.

The initiative focuses on:

  • Giving teachers and school staff the tools and professional development that translate the science of reading into usable resources to help students read and read well.

  • Giving parents and caregivers fun and research-based tips and tools to support literacy.

  • Building on and forging new connections among families, communities, educators and schools to be partners in students’ literacy.

  • Giving children and young people free books to read, love and keep, because …

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