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Managing Behavior in School Communities

Course Coordinator:

Lisa Thomas

About the course

This course presents the most recent and seminal research on challenging student behavior. MBSC provides educators and other school personnel with effective strategies for managing unwanted behavior across a variety of learning environments. MBSC will provide teachers and support staff with the information, tools and skills they may need to prevent or eliminate challenging or anti-social behaviors and/or to manage much of this behavior when it occurs. The course reviews what is found in AFT’s Foundations course, Beginning of the Year Classroom Management, and takes the research to the next level for students who do not respond to basic prevention through effective classroom management.

Course Objectives:
• Establish shared understanding of how to define, record and collect data on negative student behavior.
• Utilize research to establish the importance of social skills training and positive reinforcement as prevention and intervention tools.
• Facilitate understanding the role of bias, discipline disparities and race-neutral policies and their impact on diverse school communities.
• Examine the use of positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) and de-escalation to foster healthy school climates

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