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Instructional Strategies That Work for All Disciplines

Course Coordinator:

Lisa Dickinson

About the course

This course provides a cognitive research-based approach to lesson planning and design. To develop a comprehensive instructional plan, participants consider the concepts of standards, curriculum and a course map as they generate unit and lesson plans that promote independent learning for students. In this course, instructional strategies are taught in the context of purpose and appropriateness for supporting student learning. Course participants will learn how to develop scoring guides (rubrics) for student tasks, evaluate curriculum materials for any content area and create instructional plans that address the shortcomings of the materials. The information in this course can be applied in K-12 settings and is particularly helpful for students with special needs.

Course Objectives:
• Supplement inadequate curriculums and pacing guides using six research-based strategies.
• Create cohesive lesson designs that minimize fragmented learning.
• Decide when and how to use the appropriate strategy to support student learning.
• Design the appropriate type of rubric for the task.

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