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Differentiating Instruction

Course Coordinator:

Lisa Dickinson

About the course

Most contemporary classrooms serve students who learn at different rates, in different ways, come to school with different experiences, have different interests, demonstrate different levels of motivation and represent different language groups. Yet, instruction in many classrooms overlooks these differences and treats students as if they were essentially alike. This session is designed both to raise awareness of research that supports differentiation and to teach the basic components of differentiation. Three frameworks will be considered: Tomlinson’s, Conklin’s and Sternberg’s. The goal of the session is to help teachers reflect on strengths of their current instructional practices and explore opportunities for further growth in teaching academically diverse students.

Course Objectives:
• Design a tiered lesson to meet students’ needs, using the key components of Carolyn Tomlinson’s model of differentiation.
• Create a tiered lesson based on Robert Sternberg’s triarchic model.
• Create a choice board based on Wendy Conklin’s model.

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