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Professional learning is union work

At the AFT, union work embraces core labor activities like working collectively to advocate and bargain for fair treatment and strong working conditions. And as a union of professionals, we embrace our role in the core elements of professionalism.

A cornerstone of those professional issues is professional learning based on research, evidence and best practices. Union-sponsored professional learning engages and supports members in improving their professional practice by helping them expand their knowledge and skills. It builds stronger unions with deeper support.


The AFT's Professional Learning Program

Professional learning is not a one-time event; it is a continuous process of examination, reflection and improvement. Strong professional learning programs empower individual educators and committees of educators to:

  • Make complex decisions

  • Identify and solve problems

  • Connect theory, practice and student outcomes

The AFT Professional Learning Program has more than 20 courses that empower practitioners to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms and schools.



AFT members have access to a variety of programs and resources designed to enhance your professional growth. By addressing the professional needs of our educator members, we are able to help them become even more successful in their careers; in their union; in the institutions in which they work; and in serving the students, families and communities they serve.


Event Calendar

The AFT offers a variety of professional learning events throughout the year—for members and non-members alike. View upcoming events, register, or learn more. 

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