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Universal Design for Learning: Everyone Learns Differently

Course Coordinator:

Melanie Hobbs

About the course

Do you want to maximize your students’ learning experiences? With the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, you can learn to set clear goals, anticipate barriers and design lessons to reduce those barriers for all. This interactive mini-course will lead you to use cognitive neuroscience as a foundation for designing instruction to best meet the needs of your diverse learners. Upon completion, you will feel confident, prepared and excited to begin your school year equipped to construct meaningful learning experiences for all!

Course Objectives:
• Use learner variability as a way to understand and address individual students’ learning needs;
• Apply principles of Universal Design to reduce barriers for students in the school environment, assessments, methods and materials; and
• Create student-centered lesson plans and learning experiences using the Universal Design Framework and Guidelines.

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