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Transforming Your Teacher Identity - Who am I as an educator?

Course Coordinator:

Melanie Hobbs

About the course

An essential tool for organizing, member engagement, new teacher induction and mentoring.

Using a variety of interactive strategies, educators will explore how various aspects of their personal and social identities uniquely form who they are as professionals and impact teaching and learning, Course resources will support professional growth through an examination of research-based approaches to building teacher efficacy and agency and working collectively with all stakeholders to foster successful relationships with students, peers and families. This blended-learning module is designed to activate self-reflection, spark thought-provoking discussion and transform how educators prepare to meet the demands of the profession!

Participants will be able to
• Articulate their cultural identity and its impact to the learning environment.
• Identify and employ characteristics of an efficacious teacher.
• Identity the role of teacher agency and explain how professional agency connects to AFT work.
• Recognize the necessity of a self-care plan and begin to develop their own.
• Apply new knowledge through self-reflection, goal setting and action planning.

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