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Thinking Mathematics 6-8: Journey to Algebra

Course Coordinator:

Joanna Braman

About the course

Train-the-Trainer; Participant-Only; Virtual-Synchronous

This middle school course is redesigned to allow teachers to reflect on and connect the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics to research on how students learn mathematics. The Ten Principles of Thinking Mathematics and the Standards for Mathematical Practice are linked and attention is paid to how concepts and skills develop. Using geometry as a starting point, participants explore ways to help students understand linear functions and rate of change, with emphasis on linking various ways of seeing the same problem. Practices such as reasoning, constructing viable arguments, precision and looking for mathematical structure combine with the Ten Principles of Thinking Mathematics, such as helping students visualize problems, requiring them to discuss and justify their mathematical thinking, using situational problems to connect mathematics to life, and balancing conceptual and procedural knowledge to develop such understanding.

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