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Student Learning Objectives

Course Coordinator:

Dawn Krusemark

About the course

If your district is using or planning to use a process for measuring student growth that includes selecting an assessment, setting learning goals, and conferencing with the evaluator about student growth—even if the process is not called student learning objectives (SLO)—then this training will be important to your local/members. If your district is currently using an SLO process that your members have been trained to use, this online course is a good way to allow new hires to understand the process or as a refresher for veteran educators. Participants in this workshop will receive the knowledge and resources needed to be able to have an in-depth understanding of each of the components of an SLO and engage in the development of one for their own use. Fully understanding the SLO process will give participants the confidence to take control of it and ensure its use as a tool for success in the classroom as well as a way to demonstrate their impact on student learning.

Course Objectives:
• Develop an understanding of the true intent of SLOs.
• Make connections between SLOs and daily instruction.
• Write an authentic and meaningful SLO that will guide instruction for your students.
• Be empowered to use your student growth data as a driver of your evaluation conversations.

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