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Strategies for Student Success

Course Coordinator:

Lisa Dickinson

About the course

This high-quality, research-based professional learning program consists of three hourlong modules that create a manageable way to connect with educators. The SSS modules address teaching and learning in a way that benefits both new and veteran teachers. The content in the modules can be tailored to benefit individuals, groups and the whole school. SSS approaches professional development and learning from an issues-based perspective. Whether the need is created by policy, mandates, feedback on evaluations or professional inquiry, SSS responds. Content is taught with activities that require reflection on daily practice, debate over research and current practices, utilizing modeling and experiential learning approaches. Engaged discussions augment the relevance of the research-based classroom strategies, and instruction is designed to facilitate immediate use.

Module Objectives:
• Deliver high-quality professional learning in manageable chunks of time.
• Foster collaboration on teaching and learning among stakeholders.
• Provide supports to help educators meet the indicators on their evaluations.
• Be ongoing and not just a single event.

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