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Reclaiming Assessment: Using a Balanced Classroom Assessment System to Strengthen Student Learning

Course Coordinator:

Dawn Krusemark

About the course

This course is designed to help you understand the power of assessment and monitoring student growth to inform instruction. All teachers want to know where their students start, how they progress, and the results of the teaching and learning process. Diagnostic, formative and summative assessments each play a role in monitoring student learning. Throughout this course, we will talk about using a balanced assessment system in your classroom to support instructional decisions for optimal student success. 

We will look at how assessment is important in helping students to take charge of their own learning; and we will address the importance and power of culturally responsive pedagogy, curriculum and assessment to ensure students are engaged in authentic learning.

Setting the Context
Starting the Journey to a Strong Understanding of Assessment
Continuing the Journey to Understand Assessment
Arriving at a Place of Strong Understanding of Assessment
Creating Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Assessment
Connecting Concepts to Strengthen Your Own Instructional Practices and Develop Your Students’ Growth
Putting It All Together

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