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Delivering Effective Professional Development

Course Coordinator:

Lisa Dickinson

About the course

This course will assist you in your role as a facilitator of learning and coordinator of a local professional development program. You will receive guidelines as to what an effective facilitator/trainer/presenter must know and do (e.g., presentation techniques, presentation strategies, planning professional development sessions) and tips on how to succeed with adult learners. It is our hope that the content
of this course will support you in the preparation for your course practice presentations and local trainings.

Participants will also learn strategies on how to coordinate a local AFT Professional Learning Program
and build local capacity for its growth and expansion.

Course objectives:
• Present the research-based course material effectively.
• Utilize presentation strategies and techniques that align with the needs of the adult learner.
• Develop and manage a professional development program and strategize to implement and support a
professional learning system.

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